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Monday, August 24, 2009

First Introduction to Sexual Intimacy

Back to our story...

One of the things that was robbed from my child was learning first about the beauty of sexual intimacy in the way God intended. I hadn't even talked with this child that was molested about sexual intimacy or puberty in any detail. This child was so naive to that dimension of life.

My first discussions with this child about sexual intimacy was about a sexual deviant. I had to talk with this child about twisted individuals who do terrible things to children to fulfill disgusting desires. I needed to explain something to the child that they had no frame of reference for. Their first introduction to sexual intimacy was one of darkness.

Nothing can give back the innocence that was stolen by Patrick Rojas. Frankly, his parents, Eddie and Kathy Rojas are also responsible.

Of course I assured my child that they were not responsible in anyway for what had happened. That in no way was this child part of the darkness. Because of the lack of initial understanding this child is highly likely to have a point in their young adulthood of needing to process with a greater understanding what was done to them.

This is only one of the reasons our family can't "just move on" like some people seem to feel we should do. We do move on and then have to deal with something that is directly related and it throws us back, then we need to adjust, deal with whatever and try again to live life........

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freddyeddy's wife says
It is extremely hard to have the situation keep coming up in your face but thankfully it does happen less and less often. The fact that your child has you to help process these things will make all the difference in their healing. Even though your child has been horribly violated, God is able to restore--He sees your child as totally pure.