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Friday, May 22, 2009

Your Church

What would your church do? Have you ever asked? Do you know if there are any known sexual predators currently attending your church?

I sense that many people would be uncomfortable thinking about asking such questions.
If you have been following this blog at all I strongly encourage you to make an appointment with your pastor and ask them questions about this subject matter. If the pastor has knowledge of a sexual predator in your midst and especially if you have children, wouldn't you want to know? What are the safeguards set in place to protect innocent children and families from being groomed and victimized? Does your pastor believe every form of sexual abuse should be reported? Are you aware that if the abuser is five years older than the victim, the abuser would be considered a pedophile. What is the church's protocol if someone presents possible child sexual abuse to the church leadership? If it is not to call the police, then you should educate the pastor and have the policy immediately changed or leave the church immediately. This should be a huge red flag.
The link to the "Darkness to Light" website is a great resource to help educate your church leadership and congregation. I strongly recommend the use of this resource to help educate your friends, family, and church family. Remember: awareness is the best prevention! I cannot stress this enough. This is something you can do that will help shine light on such a dark issue. So many people are uncomfortable talking about this subject and that is where the enemy gains power. One of the things I like so much about Darkness to Light is the fact that it is designed to specifically educate adults so the children can hopefully stay innocent and just be children.

What can you do to help our family? Educate everyone around you by asking them to check out Darkness to Light. Every adult that has a greater awareness of this epidemic could help save a child from being abused.

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