If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snapshot of Our Story

“Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.” ~Michel de Montaigne

For individuals new to Our Story, I decided to put together a list of  posts that will give you a snapshot. This blog has been written over a few years. It is kind of a diary about this aspect of my life. I try to be authentic about what our family has been through and I am fairly open in regard to my personal struggles and feelings about everything that involves this part of my life. Our Story is ultimately way bigger than our little family.

To help you understand Our Story:
 #1 - From the beginning

Wanted Felon: Francis Edward Rojas AKA Eddie #1 , #2

Level two sex offender: Patrick David Rojas #1 , #2

Being sued by Patrick and Jairus Rojas for this blog June 2010 #1

King 5 Interviews March 3, 2011 #1

King 5 Interview May 20, 2011 #2

Poetic Justice #1

Burden Lifted #1

Sweet Victory #1 , #2

Beauty from Ashes #1

Current Legal Standing: December 5, 2011, Patrick filed to appeal the courts decision. The appeals court took the case. We are at a wait and see point as of June 2012.

June 2012, Patrick submitted his motion to the appellate court of appeals. I am now waiting on my attorney, Talis Abolin's, response.

**If you have the time and would like to read Our Story from the literal beginning of the blog and see the process we went through, here is the link to the FIRST POST. At the bottom click on "newer post" to continue to review the entire blog.


Dee Parsons said...

My name is Dee Parsons and I write for a blog called The Wartburg Watch. We are interested in writing about your story and would like to speak with you .
Please contact us at dee@thewartburgwatch.com

Kathi said...

I heard about your story from The Wartburg Watch. I took the time and read your entire blog from the first entry. I am angry and sad at what happened to your child and your family at the hand of this perpetrator. What angers and saddens me even more is how the church tried to cover it all up.

In one of your posts you mentioned that Greg Harris has counseled the men of the church. Would you be willing to talk more about that? How did he get involved? How long did he stay involved? I remember what he mentioned about the woman who read the report, but what did he recommend to the church leaders to do? Just dismiss what had happened?

I only ask these questions because I, too, homeschool my kids. I am well aware of how influential the Harris family is in the homeschool community (I believe that Greg has been a speaker several times at the Oregon Christian Homeschool Convention). Personally, I haven't followed him much. What I have read recently about his church and now about his involvement in this case just turns my stomach.

I will continue to keep your family in prayer as you have to deal with this narcissistic abuser. It is deplorable that he is able to sue you, the family of one of his victims. Keep up the good fight!